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Tribe Leader's Bio

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1Tribe Leader's Bio Empty Tribe Leader's Bio on Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:59 pm

My name is Tribe Leader.
when you speak to me you will call me Tribe or Tribe Leader.
I dont see the reason to be on a first-name bases with anybody.
I was raised in the Shanyue Tribe to serve the Wu army.
I loved fighting, wrestling, but i'm not anybody's damn servant so I took my dreams and my loyal tribesmen and left where i was camping. The location... I can't tell you.
I came to ORW to finally live my dream.
I've come to dominate and establish a name i can be proud of for once in my life.
Either you have the same vision as me and will follow me,
or stand in my way and get put in your damn place.
I'm Tribe. My time to reign is now. Feel my wrath! Evil or Very Mad

Nickname/Ring name:Tribe Leader
Finishers:Tribal Warlord Attack, Tribe Attack
Semi-Heel: Gives off more heel to himself though

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