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Via Viaquez' Bio and Gimmick

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1 Via Viaquez' Bio and Gimmick on Sat Oct 13, 2012 10:29 pm

Wrestler Name: Via Viaquez

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 206 lbs

Hometown: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Appearance and Attire: Generally has an intimidating demeanor, despite being below average in height for an athlete. His eyes can only be characterized as glaring, and he walks with purpose, never stopping to pose or flex. His goal is destruction within the ring.

He wears a standard wrestling singlet ( a la Rick Steiner or old-school Kurt Angle) colored black. In dark violet, the image of a bat with its wings spread runs across the back. His boots are mid-calf length and black leather. On their heels, very small, the letters "E H" can be seen in the same shade of violet as the bat on his back. His knees and elbows sport tight black pads, and his specialized luchador mask that covers his face is predominantly violet, with black trim around the eyes and mouth forming the appearance of a bat's head.

Biography: Public record states that the masked man known as Via Viaquez is currently the last in a long, storied line of luchadores from the Viaquez clan of Guadalajara. For generations, the family owned a blue agave plantation on the outskirts of their city. They were renowned as a family for producing wonderful tequila, but they were even more well-known for something a bit more entertaining: they were all luchadores.

Generation after generation, donning their first mask in childhood and never allowing their bare faces to see the sun again, being taught by their parents and aunts and uncles. The Viaquez clan was famous for their ability in the ring. They even had their own squared circle in the vast yard of their mighty Mexican mansion where they would regularly host their neighbors and friends for nights of great athletic feats.

When it came to be his time to mentor his only son, Via took great pride in teaching his young learner everything he new about the ins and outs of Mexican wrestling. The son, who by public record today is only known as "El Hijo," was a quick learner, and by his thirteenth birthday, the clan was ready to celebrate his transition into amateur wrestling.

They threw a grand gala, the centerpiece of which would be father and son, Via and Hijo, fighting one full match in the backyard ring for the enjoyment of all in attendance. Tequila was imbibed, music was played, and jokes were told as the ring was set up for the main attraction.

Via and El Hijo had a great match, their timing perfect, their choreography flawless. At the end, when Via had his only son set up for his deadly Tetrgrammaton, something changed. It may have been the excitement in the air, the music clouding his thoughts, or the few swigs of tequila he had pre-match to get "in the zone," but when Via speared El Hijo, his elbow swung a bit high and hit his son in his chin. El Hijo's head snapped back instead of leaning forward, and he landed awkwardly, a sickening SNAP emanating from the area of his neck. All sound in the Viaquez yard disappeared as the sirens of an ambulance quickly approached from the distance.


The neck was broken. El Hijo was paralyzed. The Viaquez clan was distraught. And Via was nowhere to be seen.

Disgraced, he fled Guadalajara, eventually going so far as to exile himself from his native Mexico altogether. He made his way north through the United States, taking part in amateur wrestling matches to make enough money to keep travelling, to keep running away from his horror.

Today, he is the last of the Viaquez clan to wrestle, but he does so under a self-imposed code of strict silence. Many believe he will only speak when El Hijo can walk again, but considering the amount of damage done to his central nervous system and the fact that Via Viaquez will never return to Guadalajara to see his family again, it appears he'll remain mute.

Gimmick: Via Viaquez is a traditional luchador: a fast-moving, death-defying high-flier. However, unlike Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara, Viaquez is full on heel. He's dirty in the ring, having no remorse for any injuries he inflicts on his opponents as they can never compare to what he did to his own son. His finisher today is the same he used on his son, including the elbow to the chin that was originally an accident. Now, he uses it on purpose with the intent to injure.

Viaquez is also a mute. His RP's will largely consist of action in place of speech, with NPC commentary making up the necessary "human touch."

His nickname is El Murcielago Negro, or, The Black Bat. It's been given to him as the legend of his dark, high-flying ways grows.

Finisher: Tetragrammaton: pinning

Via Viaquez propels himself off the ropes, hurtling himself back toward the opponent, who remains dazed in the center of the ring. He spears the opponent, leaving an elbow up to connect with the opponent's chin.
Both wrestlers tumble to the mat as Via Viaquez forces his adversary's shoulders into the mat, flipping himself over and resting his legs on the second rope, executing a devastating Tetragrammaton

Trademarks: None yet.

Taunts: None yet.

Picture: [Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Entrance Music: "Maleguena Salerosa" by Chingon

(will post Youtube link when I have forum rights to do so)

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