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1 Jotham is here to Save all on Thu Sep 19, 2013 8:43 pm


Username: Jotham
Wrestler's Ring Name:Jotham
Wrestler's Real Name: don't really have one
Height:5 '11
Weight: 215
Hometown/Billed From: Parts Unknown
Signature Moves: Inquisition (ankle lock)
Finishing Moves: Judgment Stare & Confession Getter

Biography: Jotham grew up in a society of chaos, destruction and misery.  The innocent were left to fend for themselves against the evil and their cries always went unanswered.  As Jotham grew he could no longer just sit idly by and see such darkness reign so he trained to bring the wicked not only to justice but to repentance.  It was not long into his quest though that he discovered that in truth darkness was in everyone and everyone needed to repent.  Some openly admit their darkness other it must be coerced out of them, but Jotham will make all come to repentance or they will face true judgment.

Entrance Music: I have been using the undead theme from wwe 13
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