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The Deathbringer Bio

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1The Deathbringer Bio Empty The Deathbringer Bio on Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:56 pm


Height: 6'2
Weight: 245lbs.
Type: Heel
Match Strategy: Powerhouse, cheats when he has to
Tag Partner: None
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Sprinting Swinging Neckbreaker (Pin)
The Deathbringer Kicks the opponent in the gut so that he bends over, the takes a few strides backwards
Then he sprints to the oppoenent and swings the opponent's arm and neck so he lands on the back of his head and neck, the goes for the cover. executing Sprinting-swinging Neckbreaker

360 Modified Suplex Facebuster (Direct Damage)
The Deathbringer Lifts the opponent into a suplex and stalls
He then jumps in the air and does a 360 degrees turn, then lands on his stomach, carryng the opponent down face first to the canvas executing 360 modified Suplex-facebuster

Falling Neckbreaker
Double Axe Handle

The Deathbringer appeared in TWG years ago as a small, lightweight superstar. He fought hard, but was just too small for the competition of the federations he foguht in, so he vanished. There were reports of him being seen training in gyms and wrestling gyms throughout Russa. He settled in Moscow and traine don Yuri Makovich, a famous trainer in the parts. He returned to TWG as a 6', two hundred fifty pound monster with a vengeance. He now focuses on devastating his opponents with bone crunching moves, but that little flicker of his old style can still be found in his matches, as he is one of the most agile and elusive powerhouses we've seen in a while. He has signed to ORW and looks to continue his possesed rampage here and will stop at absoloutly nothing to get what he desires... He wants the gold again.

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